How to Become an Exhibitor FAQs

How do I become an exhibitor?

Those interested in becoming an exhibitor at the Fair should complete the screening application (download by clicking the link at the bottom of this page) and submit it along with pictures as outlined in the instructions and a pre-addressed, stamped envelop to War Eagle Fair, PO Box 796, Rogers, AR 72757. 

Who is eligible to become an exhibitor?

Anyone who lives in the United States so long as the items they are exhibiting are of their own creation.

What kinds of work are acceptable?

Items sold must be made by the exhibitor.  The emphasis is on handcrafts and original art, with minor exceptions, such as authors who may sell their books published or printed by others. 

Is there an application fee?

No, we do not charge any application fees.

When should I apply?

We start accepting screening applications November 1st for the following year.  We accept screening applications up until the start of each show and maintain a waiting list in case of cancellations.  We do not keep screening applications from year to year or maintain a mailing list of past applicants, so you must submit a new screening application each year if you were not an exhibitor at the previous year's Fair.

What are my chances of being selected to become an exhibitor?

Each year, we receive far more applications than can be accommodated, but there are new exhibitors each year.  Your chances of acceptance are greater if you are among the best in your field and if the Fair does not already have a large proportion of offerings similar to yours.

How do I become a concessions/food vendor?

If you are interested in becoming a concessions vendor, please contact C&D Concessions at (479) 601-6539.

War Eagle Fair Screening Application (pdf)